The Face Behind the Robe


Passionate about renewing clothing that reflects and
celebrates a life lived to the fullest, Katie Fowler combined
entrepreneurial spirit and convention-breaking ways to help
women re-robe while being more conscious.


After graduating from Griffith University, the former content
producer for the Who What Wear Network followed her
passion and transitioned into professional organising.
After organising her friends and families wardrobes since
2009 she then tapped into the influencer market and
realised the demand for designer pre-loved fashion and the
huge amount of unused clothing.


Today, The Robe re-sells quality clothing, accessories
and beauty products exclusively online. 

We believes in recycling elevated fashion, striving to
inspire The Robe women to be more buying conscious
without sacrificing their fashion standards, allowing them to
live a more conscious lifestyle of fashionable sustainability.