You may have heard, fashion is the third most polluting
industry in the world, and one of the largest consumers
of water. 
The clothing sector makes up about 3% of the
worlds CO2 emissions, this means every piece of fashion
produced is adding to climate change. 

Feeling lost? Think of this way: The ozone layer is an
eco-friendly bag covering the earth, protecting it from the
harsh radiation rays of the sun. Too many CO2 emissions
are making holes in the eco-friendly bag meaning
dangerous radiation is entering the earth’s atmosphere.

This now means an increased temperature on a global
scale, more natural disasters, unpredictable storms, species extinction and the melting of the arctic caps this increasing 
water levels (this leads to a whole other field of disaster).

Now think, 3% of this disaster is from fashion production alone. It seems like it’s a hopeless fight, but we can lessen climate change by doing some small changes now. 

Renewing and recycling clothing and accessories is a great
place to start. 
Not only are you saving money, but you’re
making less of an impact on the earth and contributing to
all the by-products of wastage. 

What are we doing on our part?

We want to do our part, and why not look good
while doing it?

We practice sustainability by renewing our clients old
clothes and accessories making sure they don’t end up as
Australians throw away 6,000 kilos of fashion and
textile waste every 10 minutes.

With the pace of fashion at an all time speed these days,
fast fashion is produced and then discarded quickly after
due to poor manufacturing. The Robe are entirely against
fast fashion and we do our best to not feature any of these
practices on our site. 

On average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than
traditional retail. We sell exclusively online and hope to
have 100% sustainable packaging by 2020.