About Us

What We Do

The Robe is a unique online shopping destination defined by its
prominent Australian consignment store delivering local and
international designers at an affordable price for you and our planet.

The Robe focuses on delivering inspiration to live a lifestyle
of fashionable sustainability. 

The Robe was founded in 2019 by professional organiser,
Katie Fowler. Overwhelmed at the amount of quality clothing
and accessories women no longer used, and the need to create
more space in wardrobes (and less waste), the idea for The Robe
was formed. 

Dedicated to inspire holistic fashion that still looks good,
The Robe doesn't believe in fast fashion. We believe in the
future of sustainable fashion.




Where Our Stuff is From

We re-sell existing fashion from Australia’s fashion girls in order to
keep the revolution going. We get our drops
from fashion influencers,
to models and women who simply love fashion. All of the style's
leading names are here.


You will find a range of brands, from high end international labels
to mid range Australian designers, The Robe speaks to
fashion girls everywhere.





You may have heard, fashion is the third most polluting industry in the
world, and one of the largest consumers of water.
The clothing sector
makes up about 3% of the world’s CO2 emissions, this means every
piece of fashion produced is adding to climate change. 

Feeling lost? Think of this way: The ozone layer is an eco-friendly bag
covering the earth, protecting it from the harsh radiation rays of the sun.
Too many CO2 emissions are making holes in the eco-friendly bag
meaning dangerous radiation is entering the earth’s atmosphere.

This now means an increased temperature on a global scale,
more natural disasters, unpredictable storms, species extinction
and the melting of the arctic caps this increasing water levels
(this leads to a whole other field of disaster).

Now think, 3% of this disaster is from fashion production alone.
It seems like it’s a hopeless fight, but we can lessen climate
change by doing some small changes now. 

Renewing and recycling clothing and accessories is a great place to start.
Not only are you saving money, but you’re making less of an impact on
the earth and contributing to all the by-products of wastage. 

What are we doing on our part?

We want to do our part, and why not look good while doing it?

We practice sustainability by renewing our clients old clothes and
accessories making sure they don’t end up as waste.
throw away 6,000 kilos of 
fashion and textile waste every 10 minutes.

With the pace of fashion at an all time speed these days, fast fashion is
produced and then discarded quickly after due to poor manufacturing.
The Robe are entirely against fast fashion and we do our best to not
feature any of these practices on our site. 

On average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than traditional retail.
We sell exclusively online and hope to have 100% sustainable packaging by 2020.