Australian Sustainable Kids Clothing

Kids grow at a rapid pace, one minute they’re teeny tiny and wearing zip-up onesies, and the next they’re telling you what they’d like to wear. With this growth comes the quick outgrowing of their clothing. Thus you're left with piles of unused kids clothes (most of which are in perfect condition).

We understand it’s very exciting to buy clothing for your kids, especially for first time mums. But remember your baby will outgrow its clothing in a matter of weeks. So when buying new clothing it’s good to keep a few key things in mind. 

Shop like a minimalist

Buy gender-neutral colours so you can re-use if you have multipe children despite their sex. Avoid gender focused patterns, or patterns in general as even with our own clothing choices, we tend to get more wear out of our basics.

What practices does the brand use?

Look into the ethics of the brand you're choosing to shop with. Look for things like what materials do they use? Where do they make their products? Do they use organic fibres? Are they a brand I would like to support? All of these factors are so important when buying new clothing for both kids and ourselves.


After you’ve bought a few items that you’ve had your eye on, re-using kids clothing is the most sustainable option. If you have more than one child, use their hand me downs for your new baby and then pass it on to a family member or friends. Better yet, create a swap group with your girlfriends who have kids.

Discover five of our favourite sustainable kids clothing whose practices have a lower impact on the environment (don’t worry, they’re still adorable). 

1. Bassike Mini

Australian owned company. Mini range goes from a size 00 all the way up to a kids size 8. Better yet, you can shop for yourself and match with your little one. Everything is made from 100% organic cotton. Our pick: Mini Motley Dyed Sweat

2. Susukoshi

Founded by two mums with the idea to teach the future generation about the value of being ethical and sustainable. A fair trade company that uses ethically sourced organic cotton. Our pick: Organic Kimono Bodysuit in Taupe

3. Nature Baby

A family-run business that focuses on making only the everyday essentials. Uses certified organic cotton. Our pick: Sunday Track Pants in Truffle Marl

4. Miann & Co

Husband and wife owned company, this Australian business is passionate about the environment, small communities and minimising their impact on the earth. Designed to extend the life cycle of the product. Clothing for babies, kids, and even mums. Our pick: Organic Full Sleeve Jumpsuit in Optic White

5. Baby Blanks

Australian family-owned business that is serious about pursuing ethical standards. Everything is blank and plain, great for gender-neutral buying. Our pick: Long Sleeve Onesie in Black


Shop more Bassike items for yourself below 

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