What A Staple Wardrobe Is And Why You Need One

As we are living in unconventional times, this can be a good time to look into your thinking around shopping. Why do we need so much? The simple answer is, we don’t, we just think we do. 

In order to change your thinking on quantity, it’s good to remember the rule ‘less but better.’ Investing in your wardrobe means you’re investing in yourself and once you shop the right pieces, you can achieve the perfect most timeless wardrobe. 

Not only is a smaller wardrobe better for the planet, less waste, and your pocket. Having less things will also keep your wardrobe more organised. Below we discuss a simple edit of how to achieve a staple wardrobe.

Buy Smarter, Not More

Research the brands you are buying from, where do they make their items, what materials are used, and what ethical practices do they have in place. All of these factors make a huge difference to your items life cycle. You ultimately want to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime, not a season. Once you find something that you love, stick with it and reuse it and reuse it and reuse it.

Own The Essentials

Buzz word of the COVID moment, stick to the essentials. This correlates to our wardrobes also. If you know you have mostly ‘going out’ clothes, look into investing in some basics, if you live in activewear (read: all of us rn), look towards some more casual multipurpose pieces that you can pair with trousers or jeans. Investing in even one special piece can make more than just one outfit. If the piece is a block colour, simple, and a great quality material it can be interchangeable and transition from one look to another look. So, buying that one investment piece can actually transition into more than four outfits.

Use Your Resources 

Consignment sites like The Robe, can be a great place to find rare treasures that you’ll cherish and value in your wardrobe. We tend to treasure items that we’ve saved up to buy rather than ones that were from fast fashion brands or dupes. Supporting sustainable shopping habits not only helps your pocket, but means you're contributing towards a zero waste future in the textile industry. 

Quality Over Quantity

You can always tell the difference of a t-shirt that has been made with a high-quality fabric, over one that hasn't. Not only does it feel better to touch, it looks better on, and it fits properly. Fabrics that tend to last the longest are those that are made with care. Fast fashion is a no no here. Your clothes should serve a purpose and you should be able to re-wear them constantly without them piling, getting holes, or discolouring. Ensuring you're buying quality garments is to avoid fast fashion brands and stay true to brands that use high-quality, organic, and even recycled materials. Most times it pays to pay a bit more. 

Don’t Follow Trends

The word trend means changing, therefore you might buy something that is on-trend right now, but will you want to wear it in say six months to one year? Stick to pieces that you are going to wear forever. How? Buy timeless, classics that you’ll want to rewear over and over. Spend your money, time and energy on quality pieces that are going to last a long time and speak to your personality. 

See our guide on how to create a staple wardrobe and start yours below.

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