Why Should You Support Locally Produced Brands

This beautifully designed Australian clothing brand does not only use natural fabrications, but are also fully made and produced locally in Sydney, Australia. 

Buying from brands that are locally made (the country you live in) means there is less of a carbon footprint when producing. 

The benefits of supporting brands like Matin Studios include more jobs for locals, more control on working conditions, strict guidelines for waste disposal, and more.

Creating More Jobs

Creating jobs for locals is extremely important for the economy, peoples welfare, and lowering unemployment rates. Keeping niche industries alive is also at the forefront of changing the fashion industry for the better.

Working Conditions

In many countries working conditions are dire, unsafe, and staff can be extremely overworked. Fair pay comes into effect here. In Australia there are strict standards on employees payments and benefits. So buying from brands that you know employs locals is a huge social sustainability plus.

Strict Waste Guidelines

Every country has its own waste management guidelines, and Australia fortunately has a strict framework in place for businesses. Frameworks include waste avoidance, minimisation and reuse, licensing and regulation of waste transport, storage, treatment, resource recovery and disposal, and managing the impacts of waste.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

When clothing and accessories are produced locally there is less travel time for the clothes to get to the consumer. Therefore producing locally reduces carbon emissions. 

Matin says they have “complete visibility into the conditions of machinists, cutters, and patternmakers.” 

Shop Matin below and support locally made fashion

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