The Do's And Don’ts Of Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Spring has arrived, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to not only feel like lightening your meals (thanks lockdown), but also your wardrobe. 

When the seasons change from cold to warm, we tend to look at our long coats and denim jeans with disgust and only want to see new light fabrics and warm tones. Not so fast, spring cleaning is not about throwing out all your old to make room for new, it’s about editing, re-evaluating and of course re-organising. 

Below we’ve shared our helpful tips on the dos and don’ts of spring cleaning your wardrobe.

Do: a ruthless edit. Be honest with yourself, if you didn't wear it last season, it’s gone.

Do: make three piles. Keep, sell, donate. This makes things so much clearer and will leave you with only the things you will certainly keep on wearing. 

Do: curate. Make your wardrobe look organised by using matching hangers that are thin. This will make your space look and feel less cluttered. 

Do: take inventory. Sometimes, it takes laying everything out to realise that you have a disproportionate number of black dresses to one T-shirt. Ensure you're only buying pieces you really need.

Do: use your resources like consignment sites such as The Robe, but don’t keep what you have edited out. Find a special new home for the pieces that were once new to you.

Don’t: disregard all your winter clothes just because spring is here. You will still need those transition and layering pieces while the weather is still changing. 

Don’t: hold onto things in the hope of one day wearing or fitting into. Make room for new pieces that you will be able to rewear for a lifetime. 

Don’t: shove everything you are keeping back in. Organise your newly edited wardrobe so you will now be able to find that shirt you forget you had. 

Don’t: use shoe boxes to store your shoes. Firstly they are bulky and take up too much space, and second you will forget what shoes you have and accumulate more than you need leaving you where you first started. 

Don’t: refill your wardrobe to replace what you edited out. Keeping a minimal staple wardrobe full of quality pieces is key to maintaining that spring clean feeling. 

Shop these transitional pieces below to have your new wardrobe flow into each season.


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