How To Create A Staple Wardrobe: The Essentials To Own

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? This guide will set you up to create an easy staple wardrobe that will see you never being stuck for an outfit again. 

The whole idea of a staple wardrobe is that all of your pieces should transition and be interchangeable for any occasion. You don’t need a huge wardrobe. For example, your staple wardrobe should include pieces you can wear to the office (read: Zoom), meaning you shouldn't have a separate ‘work section’ of your wardrobe. 

Apart from breaking your over consumption habits and your bank, what’s also great about a staple wardrobe is that you are cutting out waste and reclaiming your time. Supporting brands that are minimising their carbon footprint on the planet and using quality materials, means you are making a positive impact too. 

This guide is the perfect foundation for which to start your staple wardrobe. Once you get the basis, you can add (not much) from there. Lets refine your wardrobe. 


The perfect starting off point. Great for layering and can make casual or more dressy. Let’s start simple with the perfect fitting tee, the staple for any wardrobe. 

T-shirt: T-shirts can be worn with literally any piece of clothing whether it be over a slip dress, a pair of leggings, jeans, and even to work with a blazer. Make sure to invest in a quality fabric here so your tee lasts and can be reworn over and over. 

Singlet: For warmer months, holidays, and just a great basic to start with.

Long sleeve: Grab in either white or black so as to transition with any outfit. 



You only really need three pairs of bottoms in your wardrobe to have a plethora of outfit choices. Stick to bottoms that fit you right, are monochromatic, and quality materials.

Blue denim jeans: A great pair of denim jeans is like a piece of art for your home. A starting block for any day to night outfit.

Trousers: Having your trousers/pants fit you perfectly is key to loving these and wearing them over and over. They can be worn with virtually anything to anywhere depending on choice of footwear.

Denim shorts: Again, denim shorts can be made to look more dressy or casual depending on the rest of the outfit. Make sure they are not too short in order to last you a long time and are preferably vintage. 



The great thing about dresses is that they are so interchangeable. They can go from day to night, be paired with sneakers or a heel, and be worn from winter to summer by pairing with a knit or wearing alone. 

Silk slip: 100% silk slips are such a good investment as they can be worn as a day dress with flats or sneakers, or an evening dress with heels.

Mini summer dress: A great throw on, easy to wear and can be purchased in a print to liven up your wardrobe.

Evening dress: Purchasing an evening dress in a block colour would be helpful so you can rewear it and not feel like you're outfit repeating by changing it with accessories. 



Layers can change up an outfit and take it from casual to dressy, from cold to warm, and will be a staple in your wardrobe forever.

Blazer: Throw over a silk slip for a more refined look or even a pair of denim shorts and tee and you have yourself multiple outfits for many occasions. 

Knit: A great quality knit in a neutral colour is perfect to layer, and wear in most seasons.

Long coat: There’s something about a full length coat that is so elegant. Throwing on over your activewear can take you from the yoga studio to the street effortlessly. 

Hoodie: Socially acceptable to wear virtually anywhere and with anything. No longer for your secret ‘at home only’ stash, invest in a quality material hoodie in a block colour (no tie dye for now). 



Because it’s 2020 and activewear is appropriate to wear basically anywhere having key pieces is a must. Wearing activewear is proven to make us feel more motivated to workout and get things done so you may as well invest in pieces that will last. Pair these two items with any of your tops above.

Leggings: Start with a pair of black full length leggings so as to pair with any top colour or print. 

Biker shorts: Can be worn with a blazer to make into an interchangeable more dressy outfit. 


Now on to shoes, five pairs is realistically all you need. Where are we all going that we need that many pairs of the same shoe? If you invest in five good quality pairs of shoes that you absolutely loved as soon as you tried them on, that's all you're going to need for a good while.

Flats: Sandals, slides, tie ups, a great pair of leather flats should be a staple in any wardrobe. 

Heels: Start with a mid to low heel to make sure you will actually wear them and not be in pain. You want to be comfortable in all of your pieces so you don’t cast over them when looking in your wardrobe.  

Sneakers: Again, like hoodies and activewear, sneakers have become a staple and we think they’re here to stay. Start with a white pair that aren't too chunky.

Ankle boots: Can be worn in any season of the year, paired with shorts, a summer dress, or jeans. Meaning they will be on rotation and not stored at the back of your wardrobe collecting dust. 



Two bags is all you need. One for everyday, and to hold all your essentials. And another for a statement, holding your phone, keys, cards, and lipstick. Think, date night bag vibes.

Large bag: A bigger tote to throw it all in and is considered an everyday bag.  

Mini bag: This is your investment bag, something you will own forever, is also functional and shows your personality. 


What do all of these pieces have in common? They can be worn together, which is the principle of a staple wardrobe

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