7 Expert-Approved Ways To Get A Perfectly Organised Wardrobe

We are firm believers that the more organised a space, the more organised a person. And what does a person do everyday? They get dressed (well maybe not during ISO).

The wardrobe is the mecca of organisation. Creating a calm vibe in your wardrobe has a trickle on effect to other areas of your life. By editing out things that no longer serve you, you are able to create more space. Something that is vital to a functional wardrobe and overall a happy life.

At The Robe we love to create spaces that are organised, categorised, and paired back. Having organised wardrobes for over 10 years, here are some of our secrets. 


What we mean by edit is thoroughly cull. Be honest with yourself when culling and stick to this one rule: If you didn’t wear it last season, you won’t be wearing it next season. Goodbye. Once you have culled you can then focus on creating a staple wardrobe that is based around foundation/staple pieces. What we mean by this are pieces that can transition from one season to another and create multiple outfits and of course last for years to come (read: quality made sustainable items). 

Hang Where You Can

If you can't see it, chances are you won’t wear it. We personally like to hang jeans, as they are so bulky when folded. As soon as they are slung over a hanger, they become thin and easily slip into your wardrobe. It’s also easier to see which jeans are which if you own a lot of denim. 

Put It Away

Depending on how many drawers you have, must-haves that should be folded away include underwear and socks, pajamas, activewear, loungewear, and potentially t-shirts. Folded clothing on display can look messy. If you know you won't be able to maintain a stack of folded shorts, tees, or jumpers, store them in drawers. Rummaging for that knit at the bottom of the pile can leave the rest in disarray. If you can keep your folds on display looking neat, always fold with the folded end facing outwards so you don’t see any seams and stack by colour.  

Prioritise Spaces

For example if you exercise every morning make sure that activewear is easily accessible and all together, not shoved behind other things. If you can allocate all activewear to one drawer, sports bras included, it helps keep everything more thoroughly organised and makes getting dressed in the morning a one stop shop.

Organise By Colour

Not only is colour coordinating aesthetically pleasing, it makes for a truly practical wardrobe. You may find yourself asking, “where is my blue top that I haven’t worn in ages”? By having everything in colour code, you can go straight to the blue section and voila. It gives your pieces a home. 

Merchandise Your Accessories

Store shoes and bags like a boutique. This way you can see everything and are more likely to use your good things. If you don't have sufficient room in your wardrobe to have your shoes out, consider investing in a small shoe/bag wall. You can easily make a bookshelf double as a shoe wall. 

Always Have Velvet Hangers

Sleek, functional, and slip-free. Velvet coat hangers are so much more effective than thick wooden hangers, which take up so much room even without anything hanging on them. You will be shocked at how much more you can fit into your wardrobe by making the simple switch to velvet. 

Shop staple quality pieces to fill your newly organised wardROBE below


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