5 Reasons To Shop Pre Loved

Anyone can have an amazing wardrobe without buying new. With vintage shopping becoming more popular than ever, most pre loved pieces are in great condition, have a quality brand name, and are now more sought after than brand new items. 

With high profile celebrities wearing archive pieces, second hand and vintage, these items are becoming high in demand and more socially accepted. No longer is buying pre loved thought as a trip down to Vinny's, but as a cool way to express your style and stand out from the crowd.

Once we get over the idea that second hand doesn't mean second rate, the sooner we’ll see the world of pre-loved items open up to us. 

We’ve rounded up the top reasons pre loved shopping is the new new.

You Get The Real Deal

Think light denim (Cindy Crawford ’90s) and the fact that it has blown up in the last few years. We’re always on the hunt for vintage Levi’s because they simply fit better. Denim brand RE/DONE has even made a whole business of re-pairing Levi's. Second hand denim is truly worn in, faded creases, and character stains that you just can’t buy anymore.

You Don’t Shop For Trends Sake

Trend shopping means it won’t last in your wardrobe. Trends are ever changing, but your wardrobe shouldn't. Shopping for timeless, classics that you can only find pre owned are going to be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. 

It’s Cost Effective

Something that we all love, saving money. You're rarely going to pay retail for any second hand item. Buying a Burberry item for a 40% markup, what’s not to love? Investing in those higher-end pieces may sound like a lot for second hand, however that’s the point. Those pieces are investments and will always be valuable. Remember, second hand doesn't mean second rate.

It’s More Sustainable

Like trend shopping, finding what works for you is more sustainable than changing your look every season. There is no need to sacrifice personal style, simply buy less but buy it to last. There are a plethora of warehouses full of amazing clothes collecting dust, or worse yet, being added to landfill. You are contributing to reducing waste by buying pre loved.

You Can Find Rare Treasures

If you miss out on a sought after collection or you can’t find your size in your favourite brand, you may be able to track it down pre owned. Finding those unforgettable pieces and styles from the past that made us feel excited about fashion is what is so cool about pre loved shopping. 

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