5 Items You Need In Your Wardrobe This Spring

Spring isn't all sunshine, rainbows, and daisies. There are still colder, windy, and even rainy days, so don't put away all your warmer gear just yet. 

The five spring wardrobe staples you need below are fail-safe, can be worn day and night, and also in warm or cooler weather. Leaving you with freedom to wear over and over again. You'll also notice that these five pieces can all be worn together and make multiple outfits.

Side note: when curating your spring wardrobe, shop quality investment pieces that have been sustainably made. It pays off to buy one amazing piece (which will last forever), rather than three average pieces (fast fashion=fast life cycle).

Basic t-shirt

A perfect fitting tee is an all year round must-have in anyone's wardrobe. In spring when it’s warm, wear alone. If it's colder, throw some layers over the top and you're good to go. 

Quality denim jeans

Jeans are fail-safe. They can be dressed up or down simply by pairing with accessories, and shoes. A good quality pair of denim will see you through hundreds of outfits in any season

Midi/mini dress

Having both or either of these length dresses is a must-have during the warmer months. The right dress can work day and night, throw a blazer over your midi for work and then seperate for night. And mini dresses are great for running around on the humid weekends. 

Tailored jacket

Having a jacket other than a puffer means you can dress up a casual outfit effortlessly. A tailored jacket with a pair of denim shorts fit the brief perfectly.

Leather sandals

Plain leather slides, or a chunky sandal will see you through spring. Make sure to invest in a quality pair not only for comfort, but for them to last. Pair your sandals with any of the above pieces and wear from day to night.

Shop these five spring wardrobe staples below

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